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Missing: NIC #M344896284
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Missing: William F. Woolheater NIC #M344896284
1979 photo of William F. Woolheater wearing glasses1980 photo of William F. Woolheater
Basic Information
DOB:June 6, 1958
Height:6' - 6'1"
Weight:150-200 pounds
Additional Information
Last Seen:Date: 02/1981
Location: Residence in Albany, New York
Miscellaneous:Woolheater was headed to New Orleans, Louisiana, to look for employment as a cook. Although relatives received a phone call from Woolheater saying he arrived in New Orleans, it is unknown if he actually arrived. When he disappeared, the 22-year-old was on medication for manic depression. Before leaving Albany, he worked as a cook at "The Sign of the Tree." In 1980, Woolheater lived for a short time in Long Beach, California.
If you have any information, please call:
Agency:New York State Police
Address:Troop G, Bureau of Criminal Investigation Latham, New York
Phone:(518) 783-3211
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