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Missing: NIC #M628772392
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Missing: Valarie Lorraine Cuccia NIC #M628772392
black and white head photo of Valarie Lorraine Cuccia, taken in 1971head photo of Valarie Lorraine Cuccia, taken in 1973
Basic Information
DOB:Oct. 16, 1953
Weight:120 pounds
Other:Scar on left calf
Additional Information
Last Seen:Date: 05/04/1974
Time: evening
Location: Discotheque on corner of 96th Street and 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY
  • Cuccia met a friend at the PS-211 Park on May 4, 1974. From there they hitchhiked to a discotheque. Once inside the two girls separated.
  • Later Cuccia's friend saw her talking to two unknown white males. It is believed that she was later forced into their vehicle and possibly taken to the state of Massachusetts.
  • The vehicle was described as a passenger car with a blue metallic finish.
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Address:1220 Washington Ave. Albany, N.Y. 12226
Phone:518 464-7144
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