New York State Police

Commercial Vehicle Escorts

Documentation: For each vehicle to be escorted, fax copies of the documents outlined below to the NYSP Traffic Services Section. Without exception, the NYSP requires two full business days, not including the date of the request, to process and schedule an escort.

  1. A valid NYSDOT (NYS Department of Transportation) special hauling permit. If you have problems with your permit, contact NYSDOT at 1-888-783-1685 to make corrections or changes.
  2. A valid route survey for the route traveled during the escort.
  3. A valid NYS Thruway permit, if traveling on the NYS Thruway.
  4. Amendments to any of the above documents.
  5. A fax cover sheet including:
    • Company contact name and number.
    • Company email address.
    • The date on which you wish the escort to begin.
  6. Valid permits for all municipalities that require permits along the route.
  7. A valid permit to enter the adjoining state, if traveling outside of New York.

Fax documents to NYSP Traffic Services, Attn: Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit at (518) 457-9620.

Requests received after 1 p.m. will be processed on the next business day. If any of the above items are incomplete or incorrect, we will be unable to process your request.

Mileage: Mileage starts upon the trooper leaving their station and ends upon their return, after the detail has been completed.

Minimum Pay: Each officer assigned will be paid a minimum four hours at trooper overtime pay rate, regardless of the time spent conducting the escort.

Delays: If the escort is delayed by three hours or more, from the time and date the escort was scheduled to begin, the escort will be cancelled. Rescheduling requires a minimum notice of two business-days, unless the delay was caused by:

Billing for cancellations or delays: Companies cancelling a police escort within 24 hours of the scheduled movement or delaying it by three hours or more will be billed an amount equal to four hours of trooper overtime pay rate, per officer scheduled, unless cancelled or delayed by:

Disclaimer: Requests for escorts are scheduled in the order they are received, consistent with available staffing. The State Police maintains the right to deny any request for police escort of an oversized commercial vehicle.

Reasons for denying an escort may include: police emergency, prevailing or anticipated adverse weather conditions, invalid permit/route surveys, delays of three hours or more, or where public safety conflicts with the escort route.

Contact: If you have any questions please contact Division Traffic Services at (518) 457-3258.