New York State Police

Child Safety Seats - Misuse

A child of less than one year positioned incorrectly in a Child Safety Seat.
How do I know if my child safety seat is improperly installed?

With your vehicle owner's manual, the instruction manual for your child safety seat and a little knowledge, you have the tools you need to identify misuse and correct it! However, child passenger safety advocates see many errors of misuse repeated over and over, at all levels of society regardless of education or income.

While any example of misuse can compromise the safety of a child, some misuses are more serious than others, and can render a child safety seat virtually useless. These include:

Other misuses also may lead to serious injury or death, if not corrected. These include:

Multiple errors compound the risk to a child. Data collected from numerous CSS checks throughout New York State indicate that the vast majority of child seats checked have two or more misuses.