New York State Police

Snowmobile Patrols

Snowmobile Patrol Detail members with snowmobiles

Troop T continues its efforts directed to snowmobile safety enforcement and education. Members assigned to the detail are certified to instruct the New York State Snowmobile Safety Program, and assist with the instruction of these courses across the state. Troop T members also provided instructors for the annual Basic and Advanced Law Enforcement Snowmobile Operators course, sponsored by the State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, conducted in Cobleskill.

3 Troopers on ATVs  in snow

Trooper on an ATV in  the snow

ATV with tracks toassist during winter emergencies

ATV Patrols

ATVs have seen limited use in Division, as most Troops do not have any ATV's assigned. Currently Troop G - CNET has a set of ATV's which they use for Drug Eradication efforts, Troop F has a set which they use for enforcement efforts along an old railroad line and Troop T commenced patrols in 2007 with 6 ATV's - Troop T members patrol the NYS Canalway Trail System and utilize the ATV's to assist during winter emergencies on the NYS Thruway. Troop T ATV's are equipped with optional tracks which replace the wheels and can be used to get thru heavy snow during inclement weather conditions to assist stranded motorists. ATV's have been utilized during searches for missing persons, criminal investigations, to transport personnel to remote crime scenes or search locations and for specialized enforcement efforts.