New York State Police

Motorcycle Unit

Motorcycle detail riding

Re-established in 1997, after an absence of more than 30 years, the Division's Motorcycle Unit is a multi-purpose unit trained to assist in special members situations. Motorcycles are available for any purpose except routine patrol. They have been used to escort visiting dignitaries, provide security at large events, such as the annual Ironman Competition in Lake Placid, and for policing large crowds or hightraffic- volume areas. Capable of negotiating dense traffic, they can respond to emergencies and clear the way for emergency equipment in situations inaccessible by troop car.

The motorcycles also are one of the Division's best public relations resources. The unit's elegant Harley-Davidsons are highly visible and approachable, and never fail to bring mounted officers into close contact with the public. They are used as a recruitment tool, and are always displayed prominently at Basic School graduations and high-profile events at the Academy. Division motorcycles are assigned to all troops except, B and T, and can be requested through the troop commanders.