New York State Police

Civilian Employment

Position Information

Application Due By: March 19, 2018
Title:Manager Information Technology Services 1
Location:Division Headquarters
Albany, NY 12226
Albany County
Employment Type:Full Time
Work Days: Monday-Friday
Union Representation:PS & T
Duties & Responsibilities:The Manager Information Technology Services 1, SG-27, assigned to the New York State Police CJIS Audit and Compliance Unit, will supervise or perform the IT technical and support functions/activities related to New York State Police Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) responsibilities. This position is a supervisory position and will be the first level supervisor for the Information Technology Specialists assigned to the New York State Police CJIS Section.

The Manager Information Technology Services 1 will plan, direct and coordinate systems analysis, design, application program development, maintenance, implementation and compliance and quality assurance activities.


Confers with higher level managers, subordinates, users, FBI CJIS Division, New York Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) staff and/or New York CJIS stakeholders to develop long-term work objectives, taking into consideration technical, fiscal and staffing resources.

Develops and maintains detailed technical documentation for major areas of responsibility.

Defines purpose, scope and objectives of short-term and long-range projects.

Works with counterparts within the FBI CJIS Division, New York CJIS stakeholders and New York Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) to ensure compatibility of all initiatives and acquisitions within and among the FBI CJIS policies, applicable NYS policies and ITS standards.

Assigns work to subordinate supervisors. Monitors project progress, reviews major staff initiatives and products, and makes recommendations as appropriate.

Directs meetings attended by project team(s), agency management, FBI CJIS Division, ITS staff and/or New York CJIS stakeholders to discuss specific projects.

Develops alternative solutions to problems and consults with agency management, FBI CJIS Division, ITS staff and/or New York CJIS stakeholders and users to evaluate the effectiveness and CJIS compliance of proposed solutions.

Develops procedures, standards and internal controls for the conduct of work within the CJIS Unit. Monitors compliance and takes appropriate action as needed.

Writes progress reports for agency management that describe project status including the technical, fiscal, and staffing issues associated with project completion.

Liaison with vendors on behalf of agency, New York CJIS Stakeholders and ITS. Ensure and monitor vendor compliance with state and CJIS policies in contracts for services and other CJIS related agreements. Resolves problems as needed.

Makes recommendations to agency management, ITS and New York CJIS stakeholders CJIS compliance matters involving hardware and software acquisitions.

Prepares the budget for the specialty area or provides information needed for its preparation.

Develops or participates in the development, interpretation, review and communication of CJIS aligned New York State policies, procedures and standards.

Analyzes the impact of proposed policy and legislation as they pertain to New York CJIS information systems

Develops or participates in the development of training guidelines for CJIS Unit, ITS and/or New York CJIS stakeholder technical staff.

Keeps abreast of new technologies and innovations in the CJIS and ITS arena for use in planning and staff development activities.

As needed, assists agency management with overall management of CJIS activities.

Performs the full range of supervisory duties.

Managers may be expected to be available during off-shift hours to ensure the continuous operation of CJIS services
Minimum and/or Preferred Qualifications:A bachelors or higher level degree in any field including or supplemented by 15 semester credit hours in computer science AND four years of Network Services with experience in at least two of the following:

Two years professional experience managing a network team

Design and Implementation experience of Medium-Large Networks

Experience in troubleshooting medium to large networks.

Hands-on LAN/WAN support.

OR a bachelor's or higher level degree in any field AND five years of the experience outlined above;

OR an associate's degree with 15 semester credit hours in a computer science field AND six years of experience outlined above;

OR seven years of experience as outlined above.
Additional Comments:Starting Salary: $88,603.00.

Resumes will be evaluated to determine whether candidates will proceed to the interview phase of the process.

Contact Information

Contact Name:Ms. MaryEllen Tedesco
Contact Address:New York State Police
Building 22
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12226
Contact Phone:518/457-3840
Contact Fax:518/485-2293
Additional Instructions:Kindly submit via U.S. Mail or FAX a letter of intent and complete resume.

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