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Application Due By: January 23, 2019
Title:Business Systems Analyst 1
Location:Division Headquarters - Administration Section
Albany, NY 12226
Albany County
Employment Type:Full Time
Work Days: Monday-Friday
Union Representation:PS&T
Duties & Responsibilities:The Business Systems Analyst function is a critical role in the creating new or maintaining existing information technology (IT) systems and business processes. The Business Systems Analyst works with key project stakeholders and business staff to address strategic goals that the business wants to achieve using tools and methodology to optimize and focus their effort and determine specifically what to deliver or change to achieve those goals. The Business Systems Analyst examines and documents the current process and needs of all stakeholders and develops recommendations and requirements for a solution that will meet the specified goals. When technical solutions are required as part of the solution, the Business Systems Analyst serves as the liaison between the technical staff and business stakeholders, and contributes clear communication, structured documentation of requirements., and often aids in writing the user acceptance testing documentation used in proving a system meets all it was planned to do.

The Business Systems Analyst 1, SG-18 will report to the Portfolio Management Office in the Administration Section of the Division of State Police. The incumbent of this position will be responsible for the coordination will be responsible for performing business systems analysis associated with various processes, programs and/or projects. This will include: overseeing and facilitating communications with both internal and external customers; requirements gathering and review; solution assessment and validation; and testing and implementation.

Work closely with program staff to elicit, analyze, communicate and validate requirements for changes to business systems and processes.

Conduct Gap Analysis to explore current functionality and identify gaps with new or upgraded systems.

Documents the current or as-is state of the business process or function.

Develop, write, and maintain comprehensive use cases which will also contain requirements.

Work with end users to gather and review/analyze existing workflows, process flows.

Creates flow charts and process models describing functions and the to-be state of the business process or function.

Develops test data and scenarios, tests systems functions, and documents the results.

Develops training materials and procedure manuals related to business systems implementation for users.

Assists in the development and communication of consistent business analysis methodology across the agency.

Interact with ITS staff, business users and stakeholders as necessary to determine and implement functional and technical requirements.

Understand State Police current operational needs and ensure technology infrastructure stays current viable for the State Police while working with the Office of Information Technology to communicate the State Police initiatives and business needs.
Minimum and/or Preferred Qualifications:International Institute of Business Analysis Professional Certification (IIBA) and one (1) year of business systems analysis experience where 50% or more of your duties included experience in at least three of the five knowledge areas described for Business Systems Analyst 1.


A Bachelors Degree and two years of business systems analysis experience where 50% or more of your duties included experience in at least three of the five areas below:


An Associate's degree and four years of business systems analysis experience where 50% or more of your duties included experience in at least three of the five areas below:


Six years of business analysis experience, where 50% or more of your duties included experience in at least three of the five areas below:

Using recognized business analysis methodologies to elicit requirements from business users as the foundation for the solution to the organization's business needs;

Describing in a comprehensive written document (e.g., business case, fit-gap analysis document, or functional specification) what the system, process, or product/service must do to fulfill the business requirement(s);

Using recognized business analysis methodologies (e.g., business process flows, fitgap analyses, or functional designs) to design solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business processes;

Assessing business application needs and recommend system updates based on customer needs, changes in agency policy.

Maintain, modify, or add business rules to meet business requirements; perform analyses to determine the impact of rule changes; and compose reports to aid in business rule change decisions.

Documenting, communicating, and validating requirements throughout the system, process, or product/service development lifecycle for all changes to processes that would enable the organization to achieve its goals;

Developing test scenarios, scripts, and data; reviewing test results; and assessing the implementation of appropriate solutions to ensure they perform to the required specifications and achieve the design capabilities.
Additional Comments:Starting Salary: $56,604.00.

Resumes will be evaluated to determine whether candidates will proceed to the interview phase of the process.

Contact Information

Contact Name:Ms. MaryEllen Tedesco, Director of Personnel
Contact Address:New York State Police
Building 22
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12226
Contact Phone:518/457-3840
Contact Fax:518/485-2293
Additional Instructions:Kindly submit via U.S. Mail or FAX a letter of intent and complete resume.

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