New York State Police

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Position Information

Application Due By: October 22, 2018
Title:Audiovisual Production Specialist
Location:State Police Academy
Albany, NY 12226
Albany County
Employment Type:Full Time
Work Days: Monday-Friday
Union Representation:PS&T
Duties & Responsibilities:Video documentation of criminal and civil events throughout the State, perform analog/digital multimedia extractions, perform technician level examination of analog and digital multimedia evidence and provide technician level testimony in criminal and civil court.

Perform pre-production and production phases of field and studio multimedia programming. Duties include scripting, story boarding, lighting, audio, computer teleprompting and videography.

Perform the post production and production phases of field and studio multimedia programming.

Perform post production process (editing) of Division multimedia projects using linear and non-linear video processing systems.

Perform media support in training and public relations events held at the State Police Academy and venues across New York State. Tasks include supplying presenters, instructors and staff with the appropriate audio visual equipment and operating a variety of equipment during seminars, teleconferences, press conferences and other events held across New York State.

Perform multimedia duplications and packing and distribution to statewide locations.
Minimum and/or Preferred Qualifications:Four (4) years of practical experience in the operation of a variety of audiovisual production equipment which must include video cameras, lighting, microphones, and non-linear video editing software; and responsibility for creating and maintaining various audiovisual digital files to produce multiple end products which must include broadcasts, web presentations, videos, and CD/DVD/Blu-Rays. A Bachelor's Degree in video and/or film production may substitute for two years of the experience.
Additional Comments:Starting Salary: $48,027.00.

Contact Information

Contact Name:Ms. MaryEllen Tedesco
Contact Address:New York State Police
Building 22
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12226
Contact Phone:518/457-3840
Contact Fax:518/485-2293
Additional Instructions:Kindly submit via U.S. Mail or FAX a letter of intent and complete resume.

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