New York State Police

Civilian Employment

Position Information

Application Due By: February 24, 2015
Title: Senior Administrative Assistant
Location: Division Headquarters - Communications
Albany , NY 12226
Albany County
Grade: 23
Employment Type: Full Time
Union Representation: PS&T
Duties & Responsibilities: The Senior Administrative Assistants perform research; evaluation; collect and analyze data; interpret and report findings on current or proposed programs, policies, and legislation related to such programs to determine the actual or potential effectiveness in achieving objectives; identify weaknesses in programs and make recommendations for modifications; perform a full range of program research activities for the Communication Services Program, and provide advice and consultation to agency management on program operations.


Perform research, evaluation, and analytical studies relating to the agency communications program including the interpretation of relevant findings, and the implications of policy or legislative changes on the program.

Prepare written reports containing the analysis and interpretation of study findings with recommended courses of action.

Consult with Communications staff and developing and maintaining systems necessary to support Communications functions.

Assess the content of existing radio site lease management systems to ensure that they adequately and accurately support the needs of the program.

Prepare written instructions utilized to initiate and maintain recommended courses of action.

Perform program analysis using computer software.

Identify actual or potential problem areas.

Develop and recommend objectives for proposed initiatives.

Evaluate data sources to determine any limitations in terms of reliability.

Evaluate the effectiveness of alternative actions being considered and advise agency management about the implications of various options.

Develop procurement strategies for specialized communication platforms, equipment and services.

Develop and recommend changes in policies and procedures to improve program effectiveness.

Evaluate data sources to determine any limitations in terms of reliability.

Work independently to plan, conduct, and evaluate significant Communications program areas.

Provide technical advice, consultation and guidance on Communications operating programs to staff.

Communicate both orally and in writing within the agency with technical specialists, representatives of the program area being studied, and agency management to exchange information relevant to program research and study recommendations.

Communication both orally and in writing with specialists outside the agency to confirm and acquire information relevant to the program research being conducted.

Communicate both orally and in writing with agency management and program operation staff to explain study objectives, present findings, explain recommendations for changes and provide follow up support to the project.

Develop, negotiate and execute inter and intra agency agreements with Counties, Consortiums, Authorities and other entities in support of the State's "system of system" radio communication strategies.
Minimum and/or Preferred Qualifications: A Bachelor's Degree in finance, accounting, business administration, public administration, communications, or related field with three (3) years relevant experience in the above fields and/or professional development in planning, financial operations, program development, grants administration or administrative analysis.

A Master's Degree may be substituted for an additional year of experience.
Additional Comments: Starting Salary: $67,703.00.

Resumes will be evaluated to determine whether candidates will proceed to the interview phase of the process.

This position does not require that the candidate have taken and passed a NYS Civil Service examination, or currently hold a qualifying position within the NYS Civil Service System.

Contact Information

Contact Name: MaryEllen Tedesco, Assistant Director of Personnel
Contact Address: New York State Police
Building 22
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12226
Contact Phone: 518/457-3840
Contact Fax: 518/485-2293
Additional Instructions: Kindly submit via U.S. Mail or FAX a letter of intent and complete resume.

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