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Crime Prevention:
Road Rules

Getting a driver's license is a big deal for every teenager. It represents freedom, the chance to go new places, and a great deal of responsibility. The vehicle you drive - the family car, a motorcycle, even your own car - may seem like an oasis, safe from the hassles of everyday life. But you are still vulnerable to crime.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to help keep you crime free on the road.

Taking Your Anger on the Road

Road rage—uncontrolled anger or frustration because of traffic conditions or other drivers—is becoming a serious problem throughout the country. A majority of drivers get angry when someone cuts them off or tailgates them. Here are some tips on avoiding road rage:

Don't Make it Easy for a Thief To Steal Your Wheels

You don't want to lose your newfound freedom by losing your car.

The Basic Prevention Policy

A Little Extra Protection

What About Carjacking?

Carjacking - stealing a car by force - has captured headlines in the last few years. Statistically, your chances of being a carjacking victim are very slim, and preventative actions can reduce the risk even more.