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Crime Prevention: Dying to Drink
The Hard Facts

Who Gets Hurt?

People like you . . .

Who Gets Killed?

People like you . . .

Who Pays?

We all do . . .

Why Are Drinking and Driving a Lethal Combination?

How Much Is Too Much?

The only completely safe alcohol consumption level before driving is ZERO.

Watch Out for the Other Guy!

On an average weekend evening, approximately one out of every ten drivers is legally impaired or drunk. Any time of day or night, use seat belts, and be alert to signs of a drunk driver, such as

If a driver ahead of you seems impaired, don't try to pass. Maintain extra distance, and be prepared to stop suddenly. If the driver is behind you, turn right at the next intersection to let him get ahead of you. If the driver is coming toward you, slow down, move to the right, and stop.

Beyond the Highway

Alcohol can be deadly anytime, any place. The dangers of drinking and driving are clear, but some other facts and situations to keep in mind: ? As many as 40 percent of fatal accidents (falls, drownings, etc.) involve alcohol. Alcohol use on or near the eater is especially hazardous.

Don't Get Bombed - Get Involved!