New York State Police


Crime Laboratory System college intern

A college intern, working in the Crime Laboratory System - Trace Evidence Section, is analyzing glass samples using a GRIM (Glass Refractive Index Measurement) System.

The New York State Police Crime Laboratory System's Internship Program was established in 1998 to provide students and graduates with opportunities to learn more about the forensic science field.

Unpaid Internship: An internship designed for students interested in forensic science who may be considering a career in that field. This program allows students to gather specific knowledge, above that gained in the shadow program. Assignments can vary depending on the student's interests and academic coursework.‚Äč

Although preference will be given to students who have completed their junior year in college and have a natural science major, students having other majors will be considered for non-scientific tasks.

Internships are designed to meet the needs of several education levels:

Candidates should:

Interns will assist with non-evidentiary tasks associated with:

Participants are assigned to various Crime Laboratory System Sections.

If you are interested in a student internship in the Crime Laboratory System, please see how to apply.