New York State Police

Civilian Employment

Position Information

Application Due By: August 25, 2016
Title: Associate Budgeting Analyst
Location: Division Headquarters - Finance
Albany , NY 12226
Albany County
Grade: 23
Employment Type: Full Time
Work Days: Monday-Friday
Union Representation: Management/Confidential
Duties & Responsibilities: Assist the Chief Budgeting Analyst with the preparation and presentation of major funding components of the agency's budget, including forecasts of baseline budget requirements and evaluating fiscal requirements to implement new programs and services.

Responsible for forecasting and monitoring agency disbursements, identifying differences between projected and actual disbursements, evaluating cash requirements and recommending alternate fiscal plans.

Supervise Senior Budgeting Analysts in preparing and maintaining the Division's fiscal and accounting records, including the management of Federal Grant awards.

Review and evaluate specialized, complex agency contracts and interact with Division Counsel, the Office of the State Comptroller, and the Office of the Attorney General concerning contract specifications and language.

Supervise purchasing and contract unit, providing technical guidance and ensuring compliance with all purchasing rules and regulations.

Identify and establish priorities to ensure the unit meets all transaction and reporting deadlines.

Prepare and analyze financial reports using the Statewide Financial System and AnalyzeNY, including monthly cash disbursements, annual and monthly fiscal plan, and special billings for reimbursement.

Organize, consolidate and prepare narrative and tabular information, demonstrating proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel.

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with agency staff and program managers.

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with external partners including Division of the Budget, Office of the State Comptroller, Business Services Center, Office of General Services, and Statewide Financial System.

Assist the Chief Budgeting Analyst with the preparation of the annual agency budget request for submission to Division of the Budget.

Minimum and/or Preferred Qualifications: Bachelor's Degree with a major concentration in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, or Public Administration and one year experience in governmental budgeting and/or accounting;


Bachelor's Degree with a different major concentration and three years' experience in governmental budgeting and/or accounting.

Additional Comments: Starting Salary: $67,104.00

Resumes will be evaluated to determine whether candidates will proceed to the interview phase of the process.

This position does not require that the candidate have taken and passed a NYS Civil Service examination, or currently hold a qualifying position within the NYS Civil Service System.

Contact Information

Contact Name: MaryEllen Tedesco, Assistant Director of Personnel
Contact Address: New York State Police
Building 22
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12226
Contact Phone: 518/457-3840
Contact Fax: 518/485-2293
Additional Instructions: Kindly submit a letter of intent and complete resume.

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